Осеннее меню 2019

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Light salad with cod liver

1/190        340 rub.

(cod liver, romaine salad, radicchio salad, fresh cucumber, cherry tomatoes, honey dressing: honey, grain mustard, black pepper, salt)

Lamb ribs soup with prunes and fresh thyme

1/250         280 руб.

(lamb ribs, potatoes, carrots, prunes, onions, fresh thyme, garlic, vegetable oil, salt, spices, dill, cilantro)

Chicken “Tikka Masala” served with white rice

1/200/130         530 rub.

Chicken with Indian spices – this dish is considered Indian, but it was invented in England and is deservedly considered as a national English dish

(chicken thigh fillet, vegetable oil, ginger root, mashed tomatoes, cream, garlic, rice, apple cider vinegar, sugar, salt, black pepper, greens)

Lime posset

1/120          190 rub.

Posset is a traditional British dessert. It’s made from lemon juice or other citrus fruits, cream and sugar

Hot latte with syrup “Spiced pumpkin” or syrup “Crispy toffee” on your choice

1/350          220 rub.

* Discounts on this offer do not apply

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